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  • Limpeza 8,9
  • Instalações 9,1
  • Localização 8,7
  • Conforto/Equipamentos do quarto 9,0
  • Atendimento 8,9
  • Qualidade-preço 8,7
  • Alimentação/Restaurante 8,2
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Brenda, Indonésia
Hospedou-se 2 noites em fevereiro de 2014
Sancturary in the middle of a big city
gardens, history, location
We overall really liked it compared to the many other highly rated hotels we have tried in Surabaya. We would probably choose this one again over the others.
Avaliado 14 fevereiro 2014

Radha, Singapura
Viajantes Individuais
Hospedou-se 1 noite em fevereiro de 2014
Excellent Hotel
History, culture, architecture
I had a pleasant stay in such a historical hotel that was so splendid and beautiful.
Avaliado 11 fevereiro 2014

Yoeli, Indonésia
Família com criança pequena
Garden Terrace (só quarto)
Hospedou-se 3 noites em janeiro de 2014
Great, classy and little spooky
History, Food and Location
The hotel is vey good, classy and has a long history with the battle for Independent of Indonesia in Surabaya
Avaliado 11 fevereiro 2014

Sharifah, Singapura
Família com criança
Hospedou-se 4 noites em janeiro de 2014
Excellent in every way. Grand hotel. Cozy.
Beautiful hotel. Luxurious rooms & surroundings. Warm & friendly staff.
Great stay throughout. Fantastic & spacious rooms. Warm & friendly staff.
Avaliado 09 fevereiro 2014

anisa, Indonésia
Viajantes em Negócios
Garden Terrace (só quarto)
Hospedou-se 1 noite em abril de 2013
I loved the green park
grass, decor, staff
I loved grass, so seeing widely green-spaced park was so nice and peaceful. Majapahit was a nice place, so i of course bumped myself with photo sessions. They were all over, in the alley, in the grass. I chose to be amused rather than annoyed. I loved the room as well. It was very spacious -- the bathroom was nice. I would love to stay there again.
Avaliado 08 fevereiro 2014

Lau, Malásia
Hospedou-se 1 noite em fevereiro de 2014
comfortable, good quality food, nice bed
quiet, nice garden, delicious food
Avaliado 07 fevereiro 2014

June, Singapura
Garden Terrace (só quarto)
Hospedou-se 3 noites em janeiro de 2014
Longer stay would be great.
Great food, great staff and i would say it's a historical hotel on its own.
My boyfriend enjoyed our stay in the hotel very much... for sure we will be back for more.
Avaliado 07 fevereiro 2014

Shahid, Paquistão
Suite Executiva - Só Quarto
Hospedou-se 2 noites em janeiro de 2014
A Classic
The grand decor, the swimming pool and the staff
Great! Grand and classic hotel. The entrance facade throws you off but the place extends more and more and more inwards. The hotel is more than 100 years old definitely gives you a feeling of going back in time.
Avaliado 02 fevereiro 2014

Ungku, Malásia
Família com criança
Hospedou-se 2 noites em janeiro de 2014
The history of the hotel, big room and beautiful garden.
Great! I enjoyed the tranquility of the hotel. It has beautiful garden and the spa was awesome!
Avaliado 29 janeiro 2014

Karlheinz, Alemanha
Viajantes em Negócios
Hospedou-se 3 noites em janeiro de 2014
incredible ... just perfect
Lobby, Garden, Room ..everything
That was one of the best Hotels I ever have been. Just perfect, still dreaming
Avaliado 29 janeiro 2014





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