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  • Limpeza 8,9
  • Instalações 8,4
  • Localização 8,3
  • Conforto/Equipamentos do quarto 8,7
  • Atendimento 8,8
  • Qualidade-preço 8,3
  • Alimentação/Restaurante 7,6
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Joann, Malásia
Vila Deluxe
Hospedou-se 1 noite em julho de 2016
Remote areas
Access is not convenient, the restaurant closed there will be nothing to eat. But a good environment, swimming pool facing the sea, very beautiful.
Avaliado 19 julho 2016

Leon, Singapura
Vila Deluxe
Hospedou-se 3 noites em julho de 2016
Not a 4 star resort
Not maintained and staffs were not helpful at all. Breakfast was ok and no room service whatsoever.
Avaliado 17 julho 2016

patcharin, Tailândia
Viajantes Individuais
Vila Deluxe
Hospedou-se 1 noite em julho de 2016
Very good staff
Avaliado 10 julho 2016

Joan, Estados Unidos da América
Família com criança
Vila 2 Quartos
Hospedou-se 1 noite em julho de 2016
Amazing place
We stumbled upon the village while making on the fly reservations and were so pleased and amazed at our "find." Our family suite was HUGE and a beautiful blend of traditional Thai and western sensibilities. My husband said the pool was the most beautiful pool he'd been in (and he's been in plenty!) and the kids (16 and 18) fell in love with the place too. Extra points for a strong wifi signal too.
Avaliado 05 julho 2016

Marcia, Estados Unidos da América
1 Quarto Villa vista para o mar
Hospedou-se 2 noites em junho de 2016
Beautifully designed property!
Avaliado 25 junho 2016

Lauren, Estados Unidos da América
Vila 2 Quartos
Hospedou-se 2 noites em maio de 2016
Wonderful island villa and view!
We were four friends and enjoyed the family 01 villa very much. I hope the beach bar is finished soon! Please get some kayaks or paddle boards to use on the beach and transfer to the pier for free :-)
Avaliado 23 maio 2016

Julie, Austrália
1 Quarto Villa vista para o mar
Hospedou-se 2 noites em maio de 2016
Avaliado 15 maio 2016

Derek, Canadá
Vila Deluxe
Hospedou-se 1 noite em maio de 2016
Really busy? or just TOO busy?
We chose Koh Yao Yai Village to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. When we arrived, my husband asked for an upgrade for our anniversary and were told all upgrade rooms were full. No problem. These things happen. So we asked for an early check in (it was noon) and were told we couldn't have our room until 2pm. My husband asked if there was a clean room that we could be moved to and were told, no, all those rooms were full too. Again, we get that, although I had a splitting headache and was just dying to lie down. So we lay by the pool until 2pm when we arrived back at reception to find that our room was still not clean. We sat in the lobby for 40 minutes until our room was ready. When we finally got in, we were really happy with the room. The facilities are really nice! That night at 3am, we were awakened by a LOUD thump thump thump and CRASH from the airconditioner and turned on the lights to find chunks of ice all over the floor. We had the machine set at 24C, which I don't think is all that cold, but it had frozen up. So here's my beef. I understand that things go wrong, but not once did we get an apology from any of the staff. Not when we couldn't get in, not when our room wasn't ready at the time they stated, and not when we reported that we had had our rest disturbed. In all that time, the staff did not even wish us a happy anniversary, which had been stated on the reservation. I just think, if KYYV wants to keep their 8.5 rating, they need to work on the welcoming skills of the staff. All that to say, the breakfast was amazing and the rooms really lovely.
Avaliado 04 maio 2016

Todd, Estados Unidos da América
Vila Deluxe
Hospedou-se 2 noites em abril de 2016
A beautiful, calm and well manicured resort. Definitely book a massage here!
Avaliado 28 abril 2016

orn-uma, Tailândia
Villa junto à praia 1 Quarto
Hospedou-se 2 noites em abril de 2016
Staff is so good
Staff is lovely and friendly
Avaliado 21 abril 2016





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